We believe that the success of any business transaction is built around four key elements: Desire; Transparency; Agreement; Conclusion.

Our role at Fifth Element is the personal role we play to harmoniously combine these four elements to bring both efficiency and clarity to international property transactions for both investors and developers.

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Both buyer and seller should approach the negotiation table with the desire to achieve a successful sale and acquisition. The parties are willing to invest their energy to find a middle ground, where both sets of objectives can be satisfied.



Trust is the most fundamental foundation upon which to build a business relationship. By simultaneously representing both parties’ interests as an independent mediator, Fifth Element ensures transparency, good-standing, intent and progress are communicated throughout the trade.



For an agreement to be reached, both parties will recognise the axiom of negotiation: compromise. By acknowledging this truism of business, buyer and seller should be equally satisfied with the final form of the contract.



With contracts exchanged and ambitions fulfilled, all parties involved are satisfied that they conducted themselves honourably to achieve the best possible outcome. Every deal is concluded with the aim of commencing another when the opportunity presents itself.



Every single industry shares one common denominator; people. Every relationship functions best when it is built on solid foundations of trust, friendship and respect. Too often it is the human element that is forgotten.