‘Alternative Assets’ Moving Mainstream

Care Homes, Micro Living and Purpose Built Student Accommodation are moving into the mainstream of real estate investment as yields and opportunities increase.

Top 10 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

How can you narrow down the vast array of property options to ensure you make the right choice? Here are our top 10 criteria to help you make an informed decision.

A full room at our Berlin Seminar in Hong Kong

All the presentations from our speakers at October's highly successful Berlin seminar are available here.

Berlin Bursts onto the Main Stage for Hong Kong Real Estate Investors

All eyes are on Germany’s capital city and for good reason. With low level real estate entry prices and a very bright future, it is no coincidence that global investors are directing their money to this glimmering crown of Europe.

Brexit Blues? Eight Key Reasons you should Buy Berlin

As Brexit causes confusion amongst property investors, we consider why Berlin is the best place to buy in Europe.

Airbnb versus Berlin: The winner could be you

A recent ruling in Berlin prohibiting the use of AirBnb for a number of short term lets is likely to benefit hotel real estate investors.

Postgrad Retention Key for Emerging Cities

A key discussion point at 2015's MIPIM conference concerned the importance of retaining young, bright talent post-university.

Why the World’s Students are Turning to Germany

Germany believes that investing in education by providing free English-language university for all students is the key to a successful city.

London remains safe haven for Chinese property investors

While entry costs have risen due to China's depreciating yuan, London property offers something for every investor's strategy and risk appetite.